Title: Developing a GUI for Web-based Teleoperation of the Khepera
Lead: Dr. Challinger

Dr. Challinger received a CSUC internal grant to explore potential research proposal development and classroom use of robotics equipment in the ISL. Last Spring 2004, Dr. Challinger used one of the ISL’s K-Team Khepera II minirobots in a programming project for her CSCI 233, Graphical User Interface implementation. In this class project, students designed and implemented a GUI to control a Khepera II robot that was remotely located in Dr. Challinger’s office, connected to a computer via a serial port. Dr. Challinger had a robot server running that accepted connections over the network and performed the necessary
communications with the robot. A JAR file was provided with the robot client software.

An online survey was conducted to assess students' response to the GUI project. Overall, the CSCI 233 students found the project relevant, interesting, and they learned a lot regarding GUI design and implementation for the teleoperation of robots.

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Intelligent Systems Laboratory
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