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Title: The OCNL Hallway Gumstix/Hummer
Team: Clinton Brandt
Shane Gidley
Nalaka Kahawatte
Michael Simmons (Lead)
Advisor: Dr. Juliano
Dr. Renner

The objective of this project is to convert a remote-controlled Hummer H2 into an autonomous robot that can navigate the hallways of the O'Connell Technology Center (OCNL). The robot will avoid obstacles (walls, people walking the hallways, stairs), store a map of the second floor of the building, and take a limited set of commands for completing tasks between rooms in that floor.

The Hummer is controlled by a gumstix connex 400xm running Linux kernel 2.6. Six Devantech SRF10 Ultrasonic Range Finders will be used for proximity detection. The SRF10 is accurate to the centimeter and works on a range from 4-5 cm out to 6m.

OCNL Hallway Hummer video archives:

  1. Left wall-hugging algorithm test/demo (15.6MB; April 27, 2007)

This project is a lead-in/prorotype to an equally difficult and ambitious project: The ISL Electric ATV SAR Robot ...

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